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Here is a list of movies which have already sold out.

- stand-by tickets available 1/2 hour prior to show at the theater.

But there are still a bunch of other films for you to see..

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adz3r0 said...

Directed by Miguel Aviles

I'm not one who's big on the glorification of drug pushing teens, especially when they're represented by Latinos. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I can attest that I won't be one to give credit to a boy who chose to live life without the benefit of a drug-fueled income. I grew up poor. I know and love many Latinos who grew up poor and the majority of us grew up poor because we simply did not permit drugs as an option in our lives. However, at face value, I'll say credit can be given to Mr. Aviles as a director. I will look for more films by this man in the future.