El Muerto

While illegally crossing the border from Mexico to the United States, Diego, a young orphan, is singled out by a fellow traveler – an old Indian man who speaks the ancient Aztec language Nahauti.

At a hidden shrine, the old man carves into the boy's hand the symbol of the Aztec god of human sacrifice, Tezcatlipoca. As quickly as the bizarre encounter began it ends. The old man dies and the boy is marked for life.

10 years later, Diego (Wilmer Valderrama) has made a life for himself in the Southwest. He is in love with Maria (Angie Cepeda), daughter of a Christian missionary.

But he is haunted by the strange encounter all those years ago.

One night, on his way to a Day of the Dead celebration, Diego is killed in a car accident.

He awakens in the Aztec afterlife known as Mictlan, where his heart is ripped from his body.

He is then returned to the land of the living to sacrifice humans so the Aztecs can return to their formal glory.

Now neither dead or alive himself, he is endowed with the dark power to restore life or take it, and finds himself in a battle for his soul and the souls of those he loves. is giving away passes to catch the premiere of El Muerto, starring Wilmer Valderrama & Angie Cepeda.

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