Los Pajarracos

"Los Pajarracos" is above, and for the most, a tale of faith.

The tale of a shameless man, a Lucha Libre pro-wrestler, from small account with a great dream: the dream of conquering Los Angeles's rings.

But every great dream takes a part of us, and fate has put in the way of our hero's way a handful of loafers against whom he will have to face in the hardest fight of them all.

Through faith and humor, this flock of merry mobsters (our hero included) touch the sore in serious subjects: the chaotic love-hate relationship between Mexicans and Americans; the mass media who cheats its audiences; drugs that give power and money; the corrupted law who allows pederasty to be forgiven and more touchy subjects ever present in the every day lives of Latin America.

This and even more makes our story a must for audiences worldwide, with critical sense of humor that can make you think and laugh at the same time.

The film will screen at NYILFF, Saturday, July 28, 10.30 p.m., The Imaginasian Theater. 239 East 59th Street. Between 3rd. and 2nd. Avenues.

Codirector Hector Hernandez will be present at the show to share a Q&A with the audience.

For more information visit: Los Pajarracos

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