El Cantante

Hector Lavoe (Marc Anthony) is an ambitious but emotionally vulnerable singer in Puerto Rico.

His talent – and fate – bring him to 1970s New York where he immediately develops a following and begins a tempestuous relationship with Puchi (Jennifer Lopez), a fiery, tough-talking beauty who puts herself in charge of his career.

Puchi encourages Hector to partner with trombonist Willie Colon (John Ortiz). Together they form a soon-to-be legendary record label – Fania – and pioneer a musical sound combining Puerto Rican and American influences: salsa.

Hector’s charisma, sex appeal and groundbreaking sound make him an instant Latin Superstar, but with success comes drugs, the ghosts of the past and self-destruction.

As Puchi says, "It was good. It was bad. It was beautiful."

FYI – This movie is Sold Out.

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